#1 Space Saving AND Tangle Free Clothes Hanger!

Ace Hangers are Tangle Free 

Great For Kids Also!

Regular Hangers get Tangled Together

8' Ceiling Spacing Chart

5 Rows

Sizes: up to T5

4 Rows

Sizes:  up to Youth M

3 Rows

Sizes: up to Adult XL

14 Extra Inches

Extra Space!

The 3/8" mini rod Maximizes your  vertical space



Waste Space

(Insert through sleeve for faster laundry times!)

Ace Hangers Save 6+ Vertical inches PER ROW!

Design Patented, Patents Pending

Ace Hangers are textured to hold your clothing in place

Adaptable with Closetmaid* wire shelving


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Wheelchair User Friendly!

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Designed Stretch Free - Extends the life of your clothing